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View Diary: David Waldman invokes "Cloture" on Armando (92 comments)

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  •  I listen *every day* (8+ / 0-)

    by podcast. Then I go to work and discuss my favorite parts with my friend who listens, too :-)

    What you get from Kagro In The Morning:

    •  Lots of great information, whether from David's own expertise or research or from articles he reads to us (why read the article yourself when you can have it read to you with bonus commentary?).
    •  Stream-of-consciousness delivery; one thing always leads to something else that's interesting, through sometimes unexpected connections.
    •  Guests who bring different points of view, including front-pagers like Greg, Armando, Meteor Blades, Laura Clawson, Joan McCarter (I think) as well as dKos members with expertise on current topics like bluebarnstormer (and once, even me).
    •  No shortage of dry wit and righteous indignation, with occasional silliness added.

    What's not to like?

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