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  •  since you are deaf I thought you might want to (13+ / 0-)

    know Scalia's tone (as I heard it, ie to me, anyway).

    He's talking in a purely rational voice as if what he's discussing is obvious, clear, and definitive rather than a matter of opinion or disputable.

    Especially when he says the stuff about 'racial entitlements" and how hard it is to get rid of them., and before that when he speaks of why the Senate last time (in 2006) voted unanimously to uphold VRA (this point was brought up by the lawyer). He said as if it were a self evident fact (that tone) that surely many Senators felt like they could not vote against it because of backlash...the Voting Rights Act in it's very name makes it hard to vote against. HE said voting against it would cause trouble for them to be elected.

    He sounds very sure of himself that it is He who gets it and is right.

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