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    When my mom died, it was a sudden heart attack. Since she was living overseas, it was a closed casket. There was no closure, it was just- she was there one day, gone the next. It took a long time to remember i couldn't call her anymore. In my family, we always have a subtle service, followed by a "wake" with lots of food, booze and laughter (we're dutch-irish) telling stories of the person who just died. I don't even remember what the preacher said, only what my aunt talked about (she spoke for the family) she offered up a prayer that another aunt would be found safe (she was homeless at the time) and my younger sister had to sing my mom's favorite song (moon river) off-key, though my mom probably enjoyed it. Years later, when I became homeless, not one relative bothered to get in touch, even though I was on facebook and using my atm card to stay in hotels until my money ran out. Even 3 years later, my family still couldn't care less about my situation, it took my friends at dkos to get me off the streets. Family- What are gonna do? I hope it gets better for you soon.

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    by blueoregon on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 08:04:50 AM PST

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