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View Diary: TX lesbian beaten unconscious on playground in front of children (133 comments)

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  •  NO ONE, especially not me, (3+ / 0-)

    is debying racial discrimination. I'd be brain-dead if I did--I live in GA.  HOWEVER, at least churches aren';t encouraging oflks to beat up a Black person for Jesus--and they are doing this gays.  Sure, they love to arrest Black people . Hell, in Atlanta a few years ago, they murdered a 93-year-old woman using a no-knock warrant to break into her house claiming it was a "drug house".  It was a primarily Black neighborhood. Poor lady heard the nosie, thought they were burglars and fired a warning shot over their heads with a shotgun. Gun didn't protect her:she was shot multiple times through the door by a half dozen police.

    But at least there was a huge protest,t he feds took over--and most of those cops went to jail, where they belonged.

    ANd no church said it was just a sad mistake because they were after all sinners and the cops had to defend themselves.

    ANY discrimiantion is wrong---but when the local churches encourgae the powers that be (as white churches did int he 50s and 60s) to go after certian groups--they get suport from the mainstream.

    I am straight and white.

    The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

    by irishwitch on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 01:15:32 PM PST

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