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  •  it's late and i'll come back to this tomorrow - (0+ / 0-)

    but let me just point out one way people who need social services will be hurt.  the sequester will cause some of the workers to be furloughed - making the time it takes to be qualified for assistance much longer.  as it is now, getting benefits can take a month or longer in california.  for someone on the verge of losing the roof over his/her head, that could be the difference between hanging on to a place to live and becoming homeless.

    furthermore, the home heating oil supplemental grants will be cut - leaving more people without heat in areas that have seen severe blizzards and record snow.

    federal workers will be furloughed, it affects national parks which are now cutting days used to plough out of that same bad weather - forcing delays in opening the parks to the public. why does that matter?  the towns surrounding those parks are dependent on the tourist trade to survive and pay for THOSE families' livihoods.

    snap will also be affected, so no going from wic to snap.  ALL agencies are being cut.

    processing time, work days, furloughs, delays, slowing down the operation, cutting paychecks (resulting in less money spent on hard goods, hurting small businesses) - it is a problem that will ripple throughout the economy.


    it was unnecessary.  unemployment benefits - the extended federal ones - gone.  there is no exemption for federal benefits.

    do you need a passport?  now it takes a great deal of time to get a passport - emergency?  expedited is now delayed.  no more overtime, no coming to work without compensation for noaa, social security agency - workers furloughed - disability claims - delayed...

    this is a disaster and we won't even begin to see the repercussions until they hit everyone hard.

    those who can least afford this will be the hardest hit.  those with money and disposable income can just sit back and wait for the politicians to sort this out - those who are living moment to moment will find they are now falling into a sinkhole so deep, there is no coming back.

    oh, another area - federal firefighters needed for those massive fires like the southwest felt last year - well, riverside county ca had their first one just this week - and fire season is not offically here until august!  friggin' feb/march and we have massive burns?

    we are in one helluva fix here...

    EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

    by edrie on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 10:51:05 PM PST

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    •  Facts vs hyperbole (0+ / 0-)

      First, sequester will not affect all programs. That has been part of the scare tactics/blame game that have been used by both sides. Look at page 6 and 7 of this report for programs that will not be cut. SNAP is one of those programs that are exempt.

      As far as LIHEAP goes (I'm assuming that is the program your referring to for the heating oil) it is receiving some cuts. The one mitigating factor (and I know this doesn't apply across the board) is that for this year the cuts won't hit until later in this spring, when its between the cold and hot portions of the year and heating/cooling is not as important. Now I understand, this doesn't make anybody feel better, because there is still the rest of the year that people need that help. I would much prefer this program be exempt, so I agree with you that cutting this could be a bad thing.

      However, I don't trust the hyperbole about having to cut a huge percentage of federal employees. For example, Napolitano claims that sequester will force the Border Patrol to cut its personel by 25%, or 5,000 (total personnel is roughly 20,000). According to the budget report for 2012, the total budget for Customs and Border Protection was 10.1b, with 8.6b being for personnel. So if you are cutting 25% of personnel, that would equal a 21% cut from the overall budget. Border patrol and immigration security together will be cut by sequester around 900m, according to the CBO. A 21% cut like Napolitano is saying would equal more like 2.1b. So where did that 5,000 personnel cut come from? Its hyperbole, scare tactics.

      I don't doubt that we will see many people lose their jobs. But not because of cuts from the sequester. Look at all the immigrants releasedalready "due to the sequester" before it had even resolved? Its obviously not due to lack of cash; border patrol leadership just got a raise! And it happened before sequester was even a certainty. The politians want to make a point. Both sides want the sequester to look as bad as possible so that they can blame the other party.

      As a result of this, leadership is going to try to make personnel carry the brunt of the cuts, because that will make the biggest splash in the media. A few cuts in bloated operating budgets would enable most of the organizations to operate normally, if they would just use wisdom in where they cut the money.

      While I don't think we're going to see much change in the impacts of essential services like firefighting programs, I do think we're going to see a few high profile cases (like the needless release of imprisoned immigrants) that politians are going to make sure happens so they have some political poo to throw at their opponents.

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