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  •  Aw (9+ / 0-)

    What a sweet, heart-warming story.
    Big hugs for Chester and his minions.

    We did our annual St. Patrick's Day Spring Training Game today and the weather was perfect and the game was lots of fun.
    A's beat The Cubs - 12 to 6 - and I'd say the crowd was equal parts A's fans and Cubs. Hard to tell really, since the beers were flowing and it was obvious as the game wore on.

    We had excellent seats in the shade behind the pitcher's mound and in front of us were 3 A's wives with their toddlers.
    Even Mr. AzBlue commented about today being cute baby day and the wives, well . . . gorgeous, model thin, and fashionably dressed for a ballgame.

    Took the train in and the ride home was something.
    The smell of beer was almost nauseating and it was packed with college kids who were feeling rather chipper.
    They all disembarked for a "beach party" near ASU at Tempe Town Lake.
    Not sure, but today might've been the last day of spring break.
    Beer Vendor Leprechaun
    As cubs 004

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