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View Diary: I Know You Think You Have a Constitutional Right to Vote - But You Really Don't. (160 comments)

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    about our Constitution:  it gives more power to the small states, than to the larger states.  It was designed that way to appease the slave states, and we have never gotten over it.  I LOVE the idea of a new constitutional convention, but I can't see it happening for the same reason no reasonable amendment has passed in years and years.

    I agree, "First, minds must be opened."  I vow to call for a new constitutional convention, whenever my Facebook friends crow on about their 2nd amendment rights.  Until now, I've just been calling for the repeal of the 2nd amendment, but I am convinced that the whole document of our current constitution is outdated, and entrenched.

    Great diary.  Thanks.

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    by Bob Friend on Sun Mar 03, 2013 at 05:50:34 AM PST

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