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  •  Hard to say (6+ / 0-)

    we have the combined will when as Democrat's we have no  place to go for even some truth about what is going down. Dkos used to bill itself as reality based but these days it's anything but. Not saying the Republicans are better their not. They are the extreme  RW maniac's who are used to scare the pants off anyone who's halfway sane, not a bible thumping theocrat and cares about a living in a just democratic society.

    On the other hand I don't by the bs. that The Turtle or Boner are capable of outmaneuvering this administration. Victory's for compromises that are not compromises but lousy by-partisan kabuki that is just so badly done it makes ones head spin.    

    Individually we can stand up but the Dem. party machine has become nothing more then the Third Way corporate ent of the pone party state.. It no longer advocates any agenda or policy that's democratic or Democratic. How can the 'fucking re****' end of the party that refuses to believe the twisty double speak and wants their party back have any affect? Even the Progressive Caucus folds like a cheap big tent.

    'There will be blood' said Obama in a 2006 speech at the launching of The Hamilton Project. They should have let us all get a load of what he was about before we got bamboozled. Seems to me there is no Democratic way forward until people stop believing that those who now run and own our party have any intention or desire to do us anything but harm. They are not moderates they are extreme ideological anti-democratic NWO assholes who have wrecked the Party and are now working on turning the country into a neo-liberal neo-con nightmare.

    Sorry for the pessimism but you did ask. I'm sick of the pretenses that this is still a two party representational country. All electoral politics at this point offers us is a ratification of either Goldman Sachs vs Bain, or Koch Bos. vs BP. The good news is that after they extort your vote you get a twofer and then some.

    Where's my affordable health care and my habeas corpus. Not to mention a economy fit to live in.        


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