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  •  Obama isn't as bright (3+ / 0-)
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    as we'd like him to be. One wonders about stuff right off the bat.......Rick Warren, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, Rahm Emmanuel.

    Obama failed at the debt ceiling. He should have held his ground and let all of the tax breaks expire. I know, UE would have stopped but now we are being bled every 3 months or so and the whole country is is going to shit. States are balkanizing into repressive fiefdoms which offer no to low tax rates to robber barons to the point where they air commercials in other states to lure business and industry away.

    'Centrists' are now super right wingers and Republicans are headed toward the Spanish Inquisition model. Obama is no Democrat in the classical sense. He's the operator of the largest political corporation in the country, keeping his shareholders happy and the citizenry confused and dismayed.

     Obama's prosecuting in states where marijuana is legal and doing nothing in states that are criminalizing abortion. He finally came around reluctantly on gay rights, but if people have no jobs and no prospects, that feels rather hollow. Climate change is looming and an American President should lead a Manhattan project to help the world to deal with it. China is burning up all the fossil fuel and making most all the solar panels and wind turbines, meanwhile we're over here arguing about the definition of rape.

    The TBTFs are getting bigger and still doing what they did to get us where we are, yet Obama had his fake mortgage taskforce buyoff, his fake HAMP, and now we are getting austerity dressed up as "responsibility" and compromise.

    So who is going to step in and fix it? Republicans only do borrow and spend. Clinton while objectionable on too many counts at least got us back to some sort of equilibrium but he set the stage for Bush which got us here. Obama is not pushing the pendulum back far enough. So what's the result?  Where are we going? Not any place good.

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