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View Diary: Israel Launches 'Palestinian-Only' Bus Lines (152 comments)

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    most Gazans do not have the money or the income to pay for these goods. Just because some goods get smuggled in by tunnels and are available in one shop or several does not mean the supply is sufficient for the demand. Now please go and read the links I provided to you and get your facts straight, rather than your anecdotes. When you realize just how large a percentage of refugees there are in Gaza and just how the unemployment rate is, you might actually begin to grasp the scale of this Israeli-made tragedy and stop trying to defend a policy that has left 10% of Gazan children's growth stunted.

    •  So in Gaza the basic law of supply and demand... (0+ / 0-)

      ... is suspended?  Business is business, if there isn't demand there will not be supply.  No one orders and pays for products to have them sit, or worse, to spoil.  There are tons and tons of goods coming from from Egypt AND Israel.  That does not sound like a siege by any definition.  It appears that there is wealth and money to be made in Gaza, how that wealth and money is distributed is not Israel's fault.

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      by Hey338Too on Mon Mar 04, 2013 at 09:49:15 AM PST

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