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  •  The popularity of Catholicism in Africa (0+ / 0-)

    ...may largely come from embracing elements of traditional folk beliefs.  

    That has very much been the case in the history of Ireland; pilgrimages to sites such as holy wells are clearly pre-Christian.

    •  RCC conservatives are betting they can accomodate (1+ / 0-)
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      For example, Cardinal Peter Turkson (the black guy who might be pope) was arguing that Africa is less receptive to the "gay agenda" because traditional African culture is also anti-gay.

      The RCC has a long history of incorporating non-European and pre-Christian beliefs and practices.  They have several regional variations on the Latin Mass still on the books, as well as "Eastern Rite" Catholics.  "Novelty" in Catholic practice has gotten a bad name among Catholic conservatives because the most recent examples have all sprung out of Vatican II.

      Catholic conservatives want to put the magic back into the religion - they utterly reject the idea of Catholic worship as mere metaphor.  People who are already inclined to believe in literal magic seem like ideal instruments for their larger project.

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