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  •  Detroit (5+ / 0-)
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    Trix, maggiejean, Oke, jlms qkw, basquebob

    From what I can gather, the Dixie Mafia (i.e. Wynn Duffy) is acting as middle-man for Theo Tonin's (Alan Arkin) Detroit crew.

    Boyd gave his enemies list to Wynn Duffy, who passed it along to Detroit, who sent the fake cop.

    If I remember right, I believe that Mike O'Malley's character mentioned that Theo Tonin had a personal score to settle with Drew Thompson, which means he knows what Thompson looks like. So that's what I took the fake cop sending photos to mean, that Theo Tonin was on the other end of the line to confirm whether or not any of the individuals were actually Thompson.

    •  I was pretty surprised Arlo was killed off... (3+ / 0-)
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      Rimjob, maggiejean, jlms qkw

      Even after Raylan said that he was dead, I didn't really believe it until the morgue scene at the end.

      •  "Get Some" (3+ / 0-)
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        Trix, maggiejean, jlms qkw

        From the A.V. Club:

        Raylan is preparing for his father to die, while he tries to go about his business, nonchalantly. He has some small hope that Arlo will make a dying declaration about Drew Thompson, and will thus make Raylan’s case for him and leave a legacy for his future grandchild. Instead, Arlo whispers, “Kiss my ass.” Think about that for a second. Think about how that must feel, to grow up raised by a complete son-of-a-bitch, and for his last words to be, basically, “Fuck you.” The show handles Raylan’s reaction well, showing him hearing the news about the shivving at a distance, and then later having him casually mention to his stunned co-workers that Arlo died earlier that day. And as he’s leaving the office to take care of the funeral arrangements—ordered to do so by Art, in fact—Raylan chokes up just a little while waiting for the elevator. Powerful stuff from Olyphant.
        Even though the actor was good & the character was always interesting in how he played off of Raylan, it was time. Earlier in the season, I had a hard time believing that anyone would give Arlo a deal that would allow him to walk, no matter what kind of info he had, since Arlo is a convicted cop-killer.

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