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  •  As a "cold warrior" I was lucky to have gotten (6+ / 0-)

    Aviation training, and been a Naval Aviator.  It's a "blue collar" skill that pays well, as I found out a few years after I got out.

    When I got out of the active Navy in the late 80s and transitioned to the reserves, I went back and got my MBA from one of the so-called "Southern Ivies" and had the bad fortune to graduate at the height of the the first Bush recession.  When I would go to job interviews I would find that there was this impenetrable wall when trying to explain why I was "qualified" to be in anyone's management structure.  The only company I even had more than one interview with was not a US company, it just has a big preference here in the US and there was a guy who was at an MBA job fair who was an ex-Marine officer who seemed to think I'd be a fit, sadly he wasn't the ultimate "decision maker" and I didn't get the job (there were two candidates left, and the other guy got the job because they thought he'd be more "loyal", he took their foreign language training and quit six months later).  

    I went to tech job fairs (had a fair amount of computer experience) in the DC area when we lived there for my wife's job and was actually told by a defense-industry tech recruiter that "It's too bad you wasted all those years in the military, we could probably hire you but you're a bit old".  I was all of about my late 30s.  I finally did tech work as a "consultant" for a while and got a job with a geological consulting firm doing their IT work.  When I'd apply for management positions in IT, I'd be told that "You don't have any experience managing 'tech' employees'.  Yeah, but 70 officers and sailors I was completely responsible for as their CO didn't count for shit in the race for a middle-level management job.  

    So I went back to aviation and the airlines a career I really never sought out.  I came in as all new-hires do, with shitty pay but a solid respect for my experience from the guys  worked with.  I had the good fortune to now have guys I flew with who got to the airlines ahead of me and are now senior captains at one of the major airlines write me letters of recommendation that got me hired at their airline, even though some of us never flew together but served together...they understood where I was coming from and made sure that the company valued my experience and willingness to learn and provide leadership on the flight deck.  

    How sad that all these fucking mouth-breathers who tell us "thanks for your service" thank us by shitting all over our service by passing us by for jobs we are more than qualified and willing to do.  

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    by jo fish on Mon Mar 04, 2013 at 07:04:27 PM PST

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