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View Diary: What this toaster oven says about the minumum wage. (147 comments)

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  •  I'll pretend you're actually arguing in good faith (2+ / 0-)
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    ...though it's pretty clear that you're not.
    The wage / employment relationship is obviously non-linear, and at some points, the tradeoff will inflect, and raising the min-wage above those points will do as your rightwing propagandists suggest, and will start reducing job numbers.
    Those points will be very different by industry, specific job functions, geographic location, population, time, and the states of the local, regional, national, and world economies.
    In general, they'll be lower in fields where there's viable competition abroad, such as manufacturing (especially in lower-skill realms, such as clothing and low-precision parts; somewhat higher in semi-skilled and skilled areas like electronics, machine tools, vehicles, etc), and in those that are readily automated (think ATMs) and/or in which the job functions can be shifted to end-users (think self-serve gas and self-checkout at groceries).
    They'll obviously be far higher in job functions that require human hands, mobility, eyes, and/or judgement, or just physical presence.
    Wages of $9-12/hr are usually going to be below most such inflection points -- as the data in this diary demonstrate, btw -- while $30-40/hr will generally be above them.
    The interesting questions are where are the various points in various circumstances, and how do we make such determinations short of "testing to destruction?"
    Of course, if you're not a complete moron -- always a possibility -- you probably knew some of this (tho I'm quite confident not all of it, in which case, you're welcome for the education) already, and just wanted to see if we did.
    And since this is kos, not PowerLine, RedState, or FreePerville, of course we do.

    •  I appreciate the discussion (0+ / 0-)

      I would agree that at all times the factors are incredibly variable at all levels of operation and type. There's no magic shoe that will fit everything together nicely with one even figure.

      However, as noted, I'm not advocating for $30+ minimum wages. It does help me gauge though the level at which people are willing to go. At least we can agree that minimum wage laws are inhibitive, we merely might disagree on what that point is

      setting the stage for the modern conservative

      by MWV on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 08:44:10 AM PST

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