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View Diary: Has Everyone Forgotten that George W. Bush is a F@*%ing War Criminal?? (18 comments)

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  •  It's not just Bush (7+ / 0-)

    America has this attitude about discretionary wars. We get to kill and maim and destroy at will and when it's over we bear no responsibility. We are an extremely immoral nation in this behavior. Sorry if this conflicts with your personal patriotism, but until we learn to be far more moral in committing to war and far more moral in bearing the responsibilities of our actions we are not in the right.

    This has serious ramifications in our justifications for our military. Underlying all of our assumptions, e.g. possession of massive amount of WMD, is that we are the god guys. Please name another nation that has initiated as many wars of choice around the world in the last 50 years. Do we then investigate our reasons for war? Do we punish those who violate international law? Do we offer reparations to those countries that were damaged by our actions?  Since the decisions for making war rest with the politicians and not the military do we ever hold politicians accountable?

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