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View Diary: "Socialism is dead"/"Socialism is against human nature." (162 comments)

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    First, 30 years is a pretty small window of history even if your premise is true.  That said, many measures in fact due show wealth gains across the board, and with regard to something like Internet access, over 90% of US households have the ability to find this post from their living rooms...

    •  Depends on how you define "wealth" (1+ / 0-)
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      And you should take into account the fact that many of the kinds of things people own today are very cheap compared to how much they cost when they first came out. You can buy a cell phone for $10 at the dollar general store, a microwave for $40 at wal-mart.

      Changes in the kinds of things most people--including the poor-- own are mostly a function of culture, not wealth.

      Back when my dad was a boy, many people owned the land  (often tens of acres) their houses sat on, had several head of livestock, and owned a large collection of farming implements and hand tools--stuff that would be outrageously expensive to go and buy today. And yet, many persons who owned such things were still considered "poor" by the standards of the time.

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      you are referring to.

      And please, no more tired attempts to change the subject by comparing wealth increases to Internet access.

      Look at the gains in real income and wealth since the 70s for those not in the top 5 - 10%.  flat or declining.  all the expanding "pie" is going to those at the top.

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