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View Diary: "Socialism is dead"/"Socialism is against human nature." (162 comments)

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    “ Nothing other than a committed minority has ever done anything to improve public morals.”

    I generally don’t disagree with this general premise but I view that as being more relevant to fundamental civil liberties.  Oppressing women, ethnic minorities or homosexuals clearly is contradictory to the notion of liberty as it is more or less defined in our constitution, and yes, minority groups have typically led the charge in upending these sorts of hypocrisy.  But the sort of altruistic minority I am referencing above does not exists as a matter of philosophy in my view.  

    Look at a more simple animal society like a pride of lions and lions as a whole.  You can see there the same sort of duality we humans possess wherein both coordinated group effort along with both intergroup and intragroup conflict are the norm.  I think those same primitive instincts coarse through our own veins, and philosophical efforts alone will not change that.  I also think using lions as a comparison is relevant due to the particularly aggressive nature that separates them at the top of the food chain.  We are very clearly social creatures at our core, and the sorts of social learning characteristics you point to are certainly relevant.  But we are really dualistic as described above, and I think a proper perspective of this dual nature needs to be embraced if we are to do the best job of defining good policies.  I definitely don’t see a “dog eat dog” world- rather I see a world that needs to be defined within the proper context of our dual nature- both cooperative and competitive.  Until we become something fundamentally different that somehow works against the more self-focused side (such as through brain computer enhancement as crazy as that may sound), I believe socialism will inevitably eat itself….

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