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  •  I wonder how any observant progressive can vote (5+ / 0-)

    for Obama, except on the narrow ground that "he's not as bad as the other guy." SS and Medicare up for "reform by the death of a thousand cuts," the War Department mostly exempt from having finally to pay a peace dividend, Manning, Gitmo, Keystone, drone murder, Banker Bonuses, corporate profits/retained earnings at all-time high and workers getting serfed, et freakin' cetera.

    And I guess I have missed a lot of days' news, but I sure do not see Obama out "barnstorming" for any policies that have a damn thing to do with the General Welfare. Please feel free to tell me how and why I and a lot of other people are wrong about this quaint notion, that we have been "had" by a bunch of smart fellas and gals, who when asked in 2008 what policies of Obama were going to make it all better, said "You'll just have to be happy with Hope'nChange (tm), the slogan..."

    "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

    by jm214 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 04:51:42 AM PST

    •  I will explain it. (23+ / 0-)

      I am observant.  I am a socialist.  I voted for Obama.  Here's why:

      1. there are splits in the ruling class.  These splits are significant.  They can best be exploited for the benefit of the working class by supporting the least regressive candidates.
      2. There are important differences between the parties and policies that impact real people in significant ways are at stake.  For example, issues like the right to choose, voter rights, gay rights, etc.  These are best served by voting for the least regressive / reactionary candidate.
      3. The supreme court nominations that come out of an Obama administration would be more favorable to the working class than out of a Romney administration.
      4. We have two capitalist parties.  Why would one expect Barack Obama to be a progressive socialist?  He himself never claimed nor indicated he was.  He has not changed.  If we are going to attempt to affect change through (in part) elections, getting the most progressive/least regressive candidates elected is helpful.

      Justice For Will Will spent his brief, courageous life fighting for the rights we all take for granted. Please share his story to support the fight!

      by KibbutzAmiad on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 05:12:46 AM PST

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    •  Huh? (6+ / 0-)

      Could things be better? Of course. But in all sense of reality "it ain't happening".

      Let's take this apart just a wee bit.

      What if Obama took a very liberal stand on things? Would the GOP suddenly give up their obstinate and destructive ways and allow his agenda to go anywhere? Nope. We would still be sitting right where we are today. So it's a moot point whether he stood his ground as a true liberal. This Congress just isn't going to listen to ANYTHING that is put forward. Even conservative positions they campaigned for previously are not acceptable to these crazy Tea Party types today. There is no pleasing them!

      Should Obama capitulate to them? Not in my view. But complaining that he is trying and not getting anywhere is an fruitless complaint. If we had someone in the Democratic Primary that was exactly the same as Obama but more liberal and they won the election we would see the exact same situation as we do today. It's not Obama's fault, it's simply Congress is incapable of doing anything right, left or center.

      IF, we had an actual working Republican Congress, then we could see how different ideologies play out. But right now we just don't have it. The way it looks today is we have a bunch of psychopaths running Congress trying to destroy over 200 years of a working democracy.

      "I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately." -- George Carlin, Satirical Comic,(1937-2008)

      by Wynter on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 05:15:30 AM PST

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    •  Because they're not stupid (6+ / 0-)

      Not voting, or voting for some green candidate no one ever heard of won't get progressives anywhere. You don't solve all the problems created by 30 years of Republican dominance in two terms. 8 years of an Obama presidency is 1000 X better than ANY republican.
      I don't understand people who have no sense of the long game here (that's why republicans succeed where Democrats fail, because they think long term, and we don't).

      “We are not a nation that says ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ We are a nation that says ‘out of many, we are one.’” -Barack Obama

      by skohayes on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 06:20:47 AM PST

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    •  Walking over broken glass re-elect Obama (0+ / 0-)

      springs to mind, after watching this clip for the first time:

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