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View Diary: Republicans have awesome new plan to avoid those awkward 'Todd Akin moments' (52 comments)

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  •  i see it in corporate america all the time. (14+ / 0-)

    a problem exists. the 'true fix' is well known but politically not feasible or simply too hard a sell for a manager with poor personal skills.

    but the appearance of action is important. the manager knows he/she will be asked at review time about the problem and efforts to remediate.

    easy/lazy solution - bring in an expert. have deloitte put a body on site. this body is sold as an expert (even though he/she usually isn't). the body studies the problem, spends many billable hours over many weeks or months doing so. the body then goes back to the death star (I mean, the deloitte corporate office) and sends a 'document' with a list of recommendations.

    lazy manager looks at the list and sets up a series of meetings with stakeholders to discuss action plans. some recommendations easier to implement than others. easy stuff gets implemented, the rest get pushed into next years goals.

    manager looks proactive to his/her equally moronic manager. manager gets bonus. consultant gets another gig at a fortune 100 through deloitte where he/she enjoys a mini bar in the hotel room.

    good times.

    nothing got fixed though.

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