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  •  My question... (0+ / 0-)

    is why managing news editor Dean Baquet feels compelled to tell a bald-faced lie:

    managing news editor Dean Baquet claimed that the change was "purely a structural matter" and that "We have not lost any desire for environmental coverage."
    It has nothing to do with "structural matters."  On a daily basis you feed the country enough bullshit to kill a large herd of Texas cattle.  Re-structure around that mass heap of bullshit, & you can at least make room for a global warming blurb.

    And bullshit called on not losing any desire for environmental coverage.

    The bottom line is the New York Times is an asshole paper run by assholes &, in the very near future, will be read by nothing but assholes.

    I can understand our conspiracy theory-addicted hayseeds in congress denying global warming.

    But I would assume most of the people who work for the NYT are educated.

    Educated assholes, it appears.

    To any Republican reading this, I request you write a diary about why Republicans are such assholes. I promise to tip & recommend such a diary.

    by wyvern on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 12:43:50 PM PST

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