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View Diary: Iowa Republican wants to ban divorce so his granddaughter doesn't become a slut (182 comments)

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  •  Well, its not as though these far-tight wingnut (0+ / 0-)

    hypocrits give a rats ass about the family or our kids.  I always read Kaili's articles as cut-to-the-chase-call-out-the-bullshit kinds of things.  Like links to facts are redundant, because we already know the facts.

    First of all, as liberaldregs points out, those of us who had parents hating each other before no-fault divorce know what happened; higher domestic violence rates, blah blah but the bottom line is more money was fed into the court system.  That's probably what these buffoons are really after now.

    Rethugs have had years to "care" about the "family" and "children" and society has been worse for it.  There are plenty of simple things they could do if they were so damned concerned about families like:
    1.  stop defunding schools, childrens programs and mental health programs.
    2.  reform family courts
    3.  stop removing watchdog agencies (in search of the elusive "less gubmint" thingy) so we have police and child welfare agencies that are forcd to do their jobs; namely, actually arrest perpetrators of child abuse and rescue children in danger.

    NOPE, they wont do ANY of that.  Family, my ass.  Its about control.  Read my diaries, I'm learning more about how "protected" and "respected" families are in the US than I care to know.  Its profoundly disturbing.

    Sorry for ranting.

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