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  •  The siskins fly into windows and knock themselves (11+ / 0-)

    out here. We had to save one the other day. Once they are out, it takes them a long time (up to an hour or so) to come to again, and they look very dead. Left alone, without predation, they will recover and fly off, but we brought this one in and helped it along with a low-heat heating pad. When it had recovered sufficiently to release it, it flew off and didn't look back. So if you see them on the ground, looking dead, give them some time to bounce back before picking them up and tossing them in the garbage can. Of course, yours could have been dying from some other cause, but just in case...

    There has been a real population explosion with siskins this year. I've never seen so many, and this is not the only place, as I see irruption reports from across the nation. They had one hell of a breeding season last year!

    W. H. Auden: "We must love one another or die."

    by martyc35 on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 12:55:18 PM PST

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