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    If you have a son with a fiance, you're at least in your 30s, right?

    I had endometriosis in my mid-late 20s on top of infernally painful cysts that always seemed to want to come out on the right ovary for years, even clear back when I was a teen and still a virgin.  Finally, when I couldn't deal with the pain any longer, I demanded the right ovary be removed, and after complications with that darned IUD I was none too happy with my uterus, so I demanded the painful stuff be removed.  The left ovary was never painful so they left that in.  The uterus removal was optional, but since I didn't want any more children I told them to go ahead and remove that, too.

    Post-surgery, once the incision healed.... Ahhhhhhhh.... no pain!   I have never regretted the hysterectomy for one second.  The lack of pain, lack of having to take BC pills that gave me migraines (food allergies still did, but I didn't know that then; that diagnosis came later), lack of having to purchase expensive personal products....  What a relief!!!  My mood went from dark to light pretty much overnight!

    There are safer and less invasive methods of doing hysterectomies nowadays that practically amount to a laparascopy, rather than the full abdominal cutting they did on me in the 1970s that probably wouldn't affect your heart all that much unless you're talking about a heart condition that's rare.  Even with certain heart conditions, it's possible to go through surgical procedures without stressing out your heart too much.  Check into it.

    In my old age now (just turned 67), and with the high blood pressure diagnosis quite a few years ago, I was also diagnosed with a previously unknown heart condition called 'left bundle branch block' the same day.  I've since had kidney failure (too many meds, most were taken off the list of pills I take, so I am doing much better, but I also had a gout attack immediately after and that necessitated added meds), and a couple of years ago I had a right knee replacement and I'll have to have the left knee done at some point.  Full invasive surgical procedure and my heart made it through just fine.

    I read all the stuff you're going through; much of it sounds very unnecessary and wonder if at least having your uterus removed, or even a total hysterectomy, would solve a whole lot of problems and a lot of pain and the expense of lots of trips to ERs.

    Obviously, follow the advice of the physician you trust the most.

    I'm a person who takes the path of least resistance to the least amount of pain (or, preferably, painlessness), and what worked for me and problems with my lady parts when I was young may not work for you.

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Thu Mar 07, 2013 at 12:36:57 AM PST

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