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    I made the decision to save my ex, an abusive, controlling, alcoholic, from the various bottoms he hit and homelessness.  He lost jobs, houses, cars, etc. and ended up at my house several times over the years.  The last time the kids and I moved out.  During that time he got his 3rd DUI
    and ended up in drug court.  That finally worked and he's been sober for three years -- was the guest speaker at the drug court graduation in February.  Also during that time he missed numerous events in my children's lives, including my son's high school graduation but they continued to love him and forgive him.  It's something I did for my kids at a great personal sacrifice to myself.  For me it was the wrong decision, but it was something I felt I owed them until they were old enough to decide whether to take care of him themselves, and it was right for them.
    I think it is important for you not to look back.  I try not to.
    It is what it is, and as they grow and mature they will understand.  My children don't yet fully appreciate just how hard it was/is for me but I do get father's day and mother's day gifts.  Like some above I suspect your husband returned to Isreal.  Perhaps you could check with his family there?

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