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  •  I recently lost my cat Piznip (1+ / 0-)
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    I am not a cat person - at all - I have 5 large dogs.

    But my husband and I had recently taken over an old farm in rural Oregon, and one day we were walking about and we heard a plaintive mewling from an old shed.

    We went in to find a tiny kitten.  All alone.

    It took some doing to catch him, but we did, and we rushed into town to get milk replacer for him, and fed him by bottle and mixing it with kitten food.

    Not only did he survive, he dominated my two huskies, which are notorious cat-killers.

    In fact my alpha male husky adopted the kitten, protected him, and would lay with him and let the kitten "nurse" on him.  No one would mess with Piznip as far as my husky Othello was concerned.

    He grew up to be a wonderful cat.  He thought he was a dog, given the parenting of my husky, and he would come when called and was extremely affectionate.

    Every night it would be at least 3 dogs and the cat curled up with me and my husband on the bed.

    But we had to move back to Arizona, and of course we had to take him with us, even though we knew the dangers to kitties.  Our property there is mostly walled, and Piznip was not a jumper (he never left our back yard in Oregon), but there are some parts that just have railing.

    For the first week he hid under the bed, occasionally venturing to the adjacent bathroom.  So I thought it was good, he would stick close to home.

    On the 10th day, he just vanished.  We have looked and asked everywhere. It has been two months now.

    At least I have the comfort of the fantasy that he found a new home, although I miss him terribly.  As do the dogs.

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