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View Diary: Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Misleading statistics and big money for tea party groups (156 comments)

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  •  I am sick of these for profit providers (4+ / 0-)

    Cancer Centers

    Emergency Clinics

    Medical Centers

    So called "Universities" & "Colleges" that are nothing but money machines/diploma mills.

    Privatized prisons

    Privatized government services

    All of them

    Ameiricans are victims of usory charges everywhere we turn.  It is pathetic.  Other western democracies do not function this way.  

    Fortunately, I was educated mostly in state universities and have a Master's degree that was well worth in-state tuition and GI Bill benefits.  I have VA medical care due to being a disabled Vietnam veteran (30% Disability at present).

    Governments exist to lift everyone up.  That is the purpose of an advanced, civilized society.  Lifting up others lifts up everyone.  Helping those in need is a true function of society.  Providing services is one of the purposes of having government.

    Teabaggers, Libertarians and other extreme right wing Americans simply do not understand that there are many who need help.  Profiting from their situation in a usory way is an attack on our society.

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