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View Diary: Holder: 2001 AUMF authorizes use of military force in U.S. (43 comments)

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  •  Rand Paul doesn't fool me though (0+ / 0-)

    Only because I am around a couple of folks that support the new growing crazy militias and I know what he is feeding right now.  I live in a place where many dream of seceding every day.  I know two people who own over 50 weapons each and work daily right now to acquire more.

    They are both soldiers who yammer about the government taking their guns away and it cracks me up.  I have asked both of them who would come to take their guns away...and did they know they are the government?  They claim local law enforcement would take their guns away which really made me hoot with laughter.  All over the nation local governments attempt to buck federal authority all the damned time.  I have told both of them the only people capable of doing such a thing under order of the federal government IS THEM!

    It is the militia mentality though that Rand is feeding, and the militias in this country are growing swiftly right now.  They want this President's authority to be delegitimized and their means of feeling that he isn't their President God Damn It is through weapons.  If the President CAN drone your ass though if your militia takes over a small town (this scenario was drawn out for me by one of these gun nuts) THAT'S NOT FAIR!  Your right to rise up is being curtailed.  Not kidding, that's what he says.

    Rand Paul doesn't care about protecting American citizens though, he's just feeding the growing militia mentality out there seeking to undermine federal authority because their President is black and that can't happen.

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