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  •  I like the sit-home, sit-in idea (2+ / 0-)
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    codairem, Joieau

    but I disagree about Occupy. It just would have helped if more people who claim to be concerned about these issues had participated. As with all demonstrations and direct action... Probably be a problem with your program, too.

    Not wanting to sit the miserable cold is not quite the right spirit of the thing...

    When 1% take 121% of the gains from "recovery", people actually recovering from lost employment are trading down on wages and benefits. Current strategies by moderates don't even consider winning the Class War.

    by Words In Action on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 07:56:58 PM PST

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    •  Many participants in Occupy (1+ / 0-)
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      Words In Action

      put in a day here, a day there, weekend stuff mostly. More showed up for hours here or there, went on home at night. Perhaps if ALL of the non-working people in the participating cities had camped out long enough to get beat about the head and hauled off to jail it would have been more noticed by average people, but average people work long hours - as many as they can get because they've got bills to pay and kids to raise and responsibilities to attend to. They won't happily go camping in a park awaiting the next midnight police assault.

      And truth be told, crowds of the unemployed and/or homeless might make regular people take note of how many unemployed and homeless there are, but they don't cause any real fear and loathing to the Masters of the Universe. Who make more money in an hour than 99.9% of Americans make in a year, just sitting on their opulent asses. If their secretary took a month off no letters would get written, no phone calls placed, no recordkeeping would get done... IOW, to hit them where it really hurts, people who work for peanuts to facilitate the Masters' work and life style staying home would make a real dent.

      Back when the ERA wasn't getting ratified I said the same thing. All those 'worthless' women should just stay home with the kids for awhile, this country would grind to a hard stop quickly. But that didn't happen, the amendment wasn't ratified and never will be. With some serious advanced planning and funding general strikes could work as well here as they did in France in the '60s, and we wouldn't have to have any of the public demonstrations or head-crackings. Just Stay Home. Though I admit that's as unlikely as ERA suddenly getting ratified at this point in time. I think that's a shame, because change is so desperately needed and the Masters have every intention of making everyone's lives much worse than they are now.

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