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  •  Skydiving triggers one's fear of heights, (5+ / 0-)

    not flying.

    They are completely different fears, even though they seem related.

    I was a pilot who used to be afraid of heights. Never, ever did flying trigger my fear of heights. Never, not once, under uncounted, often very dangerous circumstances.

    Diving off a 10m board? Immobilizing anxiety. Rappelling from a mere 20 feet off the ground? Fight or flight level of stress. Flying, either with me at the controls, not at the controls, or as a passenger, to include hanging out the side of a helicopter? Nada.

    They are different, and they require different actions to begin to bring them under control.

    In other words, get a credit card with about $20k available on it, go get a flight physical, and do what Craig Ferguson did, become a pilot yourself.

    But by all means, abandon the safety of your aircraft and plummet to the ground trusting that someone packed your pile of bedsheets correctly and you're not going to go "SPLAT" in a few seconds.

    Please excuse me, I have to go suck and blow on a paper bag...

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