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View Diary: Negotiations over universal background checks collapse. Senate committee marking up four gun bills (207 comments)

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  •  No I'm not saying injury and gun death are minutia (0+ / 0-)

    As an example of what I mean by minutia, take for example, the TSA.  Could DHS establish standards that need to be followed without having a department of thousands of direct federal employees?

    And your assertion above is in direct opposition to your previously stated desire for a federal law requiring permit reciprocity by all states.
    No more than saying that all states have to recognize marriage or drivers license.  The states still establish the licensing, or allow interstate phone calls, but the federal rules say that all states have to cooperate with each others as a unified nation.  

    This is part of why I suggested and support a state based permit system rather than a federal point of sale background check.

    The difference is in the federal govt establishing interstate rules without a bureaucracy directly implementing it across the nation.  

    Another example would be marijuana laws.  If MJ is going to be illegal federally, the limit of the federal involvement should be in it crossing state lines via regulation of interstate commerce.  If a state wants to make recreational MJ use legal within it's borders, the fed should have no say in the matter.

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