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  •  it would indeed take a major change in the (2+ / 0-)
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    offgrid, apimomfan2

    electoral system to provide for a viable third party.

    Alas, neither of the two parties that currently run things has any interest in that. Why the heck WOULD they? The last thing they want is another hat in the ring.

    •  Third party (from Lenny) (0+ / 0-)

      We desperately need to change our electoral system, not just for the possiblity of third party involvement in government, but for the survival of democracy itself.  People are not voting.  They know (even on a gut level) that the system is worthless.  Why are we clumping voters into geographical units and forcing them to vote for one person whose viewpoint or party does not represent the actual majority?  If I am a Dem in a safe Rep. district, my vote will never count unless I move.  If I am a Green or other small party, it doesn't matter where I move, either.

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