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  •  this part is not really true: (0+ / 0-)
    And the money spent on campaigns goes, in the main, into the pockets of Republicans, no matter who spends it. Local Fox O&Os rake in hundreds of millions and Rupert gets a windfall. Most other media outlets are also owned by Conservatives.
    An excerpt from my diary on corporate campaign contributions:
    It does seem to be a common myth among DKosers that the "mainstream media" (and especially the TV Cable industry) are solidly Republican.

    They are not.

    The numbers:

    Sector: Entertainment Industry as a Whole (TV, Movies, Music, Publishing)

    1994 Elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   71
    percentage to Repugs   29

    2004 elections (Repugs in power)
    percentage to Dems   69
    percentage to Repugs   30

    2010 elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   75
    percentage to Repugs   24

    Sector:  Cable TV/Satellite industry
    1994 Elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   45
    percentage to Repugs   55

    2004 elections (Repugs in power)
    percentage to Dems   56
    percentage to Repugs   44

    2010 elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   68
    percentage to Repugs   32

    Sector:  Commercial Radio/TV stations
    1994 Elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   59
    percentage to Repugs   41

    2004 elections (Repugs in power)
    percentage to Dems   42
    percentage to Repugs   57

    2010 elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   52
    percentage to Repugs   48

    Sector:  Television Production Companies
    1994 Elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   79
    percentage to Repugs   20

    2004 elections (Repugs in power)
    percentage to Dems   82
    percentage to Repugs   17

    2010 elections (Dems in power)
    percentage to Dems   80
    percentage to Repugs   20

    The entire media industry, as a whole, bucks the general corporate trend, and, as I pointed out earlier for the Hollywood movie industry, consistently supports Democrats every election.

    But there are some interesting sub-stories here.

    In newspaper/book publishing, the largest contributor, News Corp (Rupert Murdoch's company), gave over three times as much as the second-largest contributor, but split its donations almost evenly, with 54% to the Dems and 46% to the Repugs. All the rest of the top ten contributors, however, were fiercely partisan, with seven of them giving at least 70% of their money to Dems (and four of those giving 100% of their money to Dems), and the remaining 2 giving 93-100% of their money to Repugs. Of the top 20 Congressmen to receive money from the newspaper/book publishing industry, 19 were Democrats.

    In cable/satellite industry, 4 of the top 5 companies all split their donations, with Dems getting between 57 and 67%. Time-Warner, number four on the list, split 57-43 for the Dems. News Corp, Rupert Murdoch's company, ranked 14th on the list, and split its donations 55-45 for the Dems. Yes, that's right--the company that owns Fox News gave over half its political contributions in 2009-2010, to Democrats.

    Of the top 10 Congressional recipients of cable/satellite industry contributions, 8 are Dems; of the top 20, 13 are Dems.

    So, while lots of Kossacks like to yell about the "conservative manistream media", the fact remains that where it really matters--in the bank account--the media are solidly Democratic.

    •  Yeah, But (0+ / 0-)

      Thanks for the data, though I find them a bit difficult to understand and am disappointed they are unsourced.

      A few very significant points:

      It's impossible for me to look at the major media and say they favor Dems. To my eye they clearly favor Repubs. Or, more precisely, they favor advertisers who are Repubs.

      Many "Liberals" in any glamor industry are people who are strong supporters of things such as gay rights, choice, voting rights, soup kitchens, etc. but on the economic side eagerly support anything that promises to make them money.

      Almost all the major cable company CDEOs/
      Founders/Owners are right-wing, either of the Libertarian or Republican variety.

      Many donations are to specific people on specific committees.

      and the most important point....

      I wouldn't say that "where it really matters" is in donations but rather in the jobs they do, which is fronting for corporate Republicanism.

      There is no longer a "Chinese Wall" between Sales and Programming. Promotions into management are from the Sales side, and Sales are very corporate/Republican oriented.

      Kossacks are correct in yelling against the corporate Republican media.

      A Southerner in Yankeeland

      •  the contributions speak for themselves (0+ / 0-)


        And I disagree that "the mainstream media" are ideologically motivated.  I think you peg it better when you note: "eagerly support anything that promises to make them money". The media are selling a product that people want to buy.  That product is "political viewpoints", and selling those is no different than selling soap or corn flakes. I don't think people like Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin or Glenn Beck even themselves believe half the things they say--it's just a product that they sell, and they laugh all the way to the bank at the rubes who buy it.  If more people wanted to hear a liberal or progressive viewpoint, I doubt that Fox News would hesitate a second to fire its entire staff and hire Michael Moore instead. It's all about the benjamins.

        And I think we all severely overestimate the influence and power of "the conservative media". They just preach to the choir (and are mostly ineffectual at it).

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