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  •  humans are not elk (0+ / 0-)

    What animals with no self-awareness or capacity for intentional action do is irrelevant.

    We should not have to live under Mitts.  To me, it's more than a question of poverty.  It's a question of whose world do we live in and for whose purposes do we live in it: ours or someone else's?

    In the old days, aristocrats could be poor too, but you still had to bow to them. You had no rights which they were bound to respect, while they were owed your respect and deference, and pretty much any life but that of a peasant was simply not an option for you.  Even if you had money, you could not display it, lest you be seen as aping the trappings of aristocracy.  The rise of classical liberalism during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries boiled down to the desire of wealthy commoners to ascend into the ruling class and enjoy the power and perks of status that they felt was their due, and by and large they succeeded.

    But just as we abolished the de jure privileges of birth, now we must abolish the de facto privileges of wealth.

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