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    I’m aware that almost all politicians within in the Beltway are out of touch with reality. My last illusion was that the military command structure made decisions based upon the reality on the ground.

    I just learned that most military leaders do not make decisions based upon the reality on the ground.

    Many leaders are afraid of “Crossing” the right-wing; they make very bad decisions based upon their political ambitions. The result of those ambitions for the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people across the world as well as the maiming of hundreds of thousands of people in the name of a campaign contribution from some amoral animal with a few dollars.

    BTW: I include Barack Hussein Obama as being out of touch with reality, he wants to trade permanent reductions in Social Security and Medicare for closing tax loopholes that will be expanded during the next Republican administration.

    Meanwhile, those permanent reductions in benefits will continue, the Social Security and to some extent the Medicare trust funds will continue to increase in value awaiting the day when they can be privatized to benefit the big banks. Banks that are too big to fail. Will they fail before our society collapses because of global climate change? I don't know.

    I think he is also very out of touch with the reality on the ground in Afghanistan.

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