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  •  not much different than ANY war (4+ / 0-)
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    The histories are full of tales of command incompetence and political idiocy trumping common sense.

    And yet we continue to glorify  war and the military, even here.  We "support" the "troops", every one of whom has chosen to be where they are.  But no one can deny that in the end,  it is all a scam, a way to make a buck sucking off the taxpayers' teat.  

    Soldiers themselves make pennies on the job,  and then get to fight to get a scrap of bennies if they survive and get back home; their most useful role is to put that human face on the enterprise,  so we have to care.  To not support the enterprise is to disrespect our "troops".

    I'll prolly not read Tapper,  because I have been reading this same story all my life; each war spawns an industry of writing about the horrors and deprivations,  the "human side", the story that is permitted to be told.  Brave writers hint at the mountain of bullshit we all live at the edge of, benefiting from the prosperity that rolls down from on high.

    Sad truth:  the business of,  or at least a large part of America's busyness, is death.  Millions of Americans support their families by being a part of this utterly sacrosanct death industry, each of them,  of course,  as blameless as the soldiers themselves, or all of us taxpayers.

    Rather than examine this,  we seek to blame a few at the top of the pyramid,  as though they were in charge and responsible,  and if we could just tweak things,  it would all be better.  But those few at the top stand on the base we all provide by quietly going about our jobs and not asking questions.

    See, here's the deal about us old freaks who scold from the sidelines,  those who FIFTY FUCKING YEARS AGO listened to the poetry of "Masters of War"  and "With God on our Side";  we woke up and smelled the coffee and looked in the mirror.  Here's the deal:  none of this (Tapper's book) is new information.  The bookshelf is actually bent near to breaking by the weight of all the books that have been written in the same vein.  But hey,  one more book ought to do the trick, eh?

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Sun Mar 10, 2013 at 10:35:55 AM PDT

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