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  •  Seems as if they didn't learn (4+ / 0-)
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    conniptionfit, kurt, copymark, jack 1966

    a damned thing from Korea or Vietnam, where the tales of valor now dimmed by decades sound so similar - take the hill one day, retreat and give it back the next, hey, let's put this forward encampment right here in the very middle of the T-Rex prey game trail (shades of Jurassic Park stupidity from inevitably dumb-assed higher-ups)... Mines in the road? Who would do such a... BANG

    War is hell. It's an even worse hell when it's fought for MIC profits and chessboard dominance of chicken-hawks playing games in perfectly safe havens on the other side of the world. They will never learn.

    I'm still waiting for the day when the MIC starts a for-profit war and the poor don't show up to fight it. Don't guess I'll ever see it, though.

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