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View Diary: Michigan Sen. Carl Levin will not seek a seventh term (141 comments)

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  •  In a sense, MI is something to worry more about (2+ / 0-)
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    GaleForceBurg, MichaelNY

    We can ultimately stomach losses in WV & SD. I know people don't like to think like that, but we can.

    The Dems currently hold 11 Senate seats in red states (I'm including Missouri in this considering recent trends, though we could squabble on that). Given the increasing polarization in this country, we're essentially reliant on the Republicans continuing to nominate lunatic assholes to keep those seats. Eventually, even a blind squirrel is going to come up with someone like Capito and Rounds who will likely do a better job of not saying anything quite so clearly as insane (I'm assuming, I actually don't know much about Rounds but he was at least elected statewide already)

    And like I said, we currently have a 5+ margin, so we can stomach a few of those if it happens.

    What we can't do is lose Michigan, or Iowa, or allow Mark Kirk and Ron Johnson to get too cozy. Those are the seats I'm usually more "worried" about, but I guess it depends on how one perceives that.

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