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View Diary: Islamaphobic crackpot accuses CPAC crackpots of 'enforcing the Sharia' because she's a crackpot (56 comments)

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  •  Millions of non-Muslim victims of the Jihadist (0+ / 0-)

    violence and the extreme political persecution (that take place in just about every Islamic country) have apparently been completely forgotten and thrown under the bus by the American/Western "left" over the last decade or so as they increasingly (and apparently proudly) sing to the tune(s) of the Islamists.

    One could estimate that there are about 150-250 million or so non-Muslims (including atheists and agnostics that happen to be born Muslim) living in Muslim-majority countries, and their plight is, generally speaking, beyond horrendous. Are their lives and human/political rights of absolutely no interest whatsoever to so-called "progressives" living in the west? I wonder and shudder.

    Whether you like hearing this or not Pam Geller is one of the few voices/champions left out there to help those victims' cause; she does so by at least airing bad things done to them (as and when such information gets out, which itself is a difficult hurdle for most victims). So the next time someone gets an urge to trash Pam Geller, that person should first do an internal gut-check and ask himself/herself what she/he has done to save and help the countless hapless victims of Islamic fanaticism/radicalism in Muslim countries (as well as the victims of Islamism all around, some Muslims of those lands themselves --such as gays and women-- included).

    •  How about some statistics, countries, incidents (1+ / 0-)
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      that prove your 150 - 250 million? Just living as a non-Muslim in a Muslim dominated country doesn't qualify unless you can supply facts about what 'horrendous' oppression is taking place.  I'm not denying such oppression occurs, but you have some explaining to do.  

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