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View Diary: Elderly woman dragged off of Miami Metro Rail (210 comments)

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  •  I grew up in a house where a non-blood resident (2+ / 0-)
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    thankgodforairamerica, MRA NY

    , for lack of describing the entirety of the situation, used to get verbally abusive at excess human-created noise. That might entail me, as a young adult with a social life, maybe coming home at 1am and not turning door knobs ever so softly to his liking. Yes, it was that crazy.

    So perhaps I'm among the few that are hyper-sensitive to excess noise, but it's only as a result of abuse I suffered for sometimes being too loud in his wildly twisted views.

    •  I'm hyper-sensitive to noise of any kind, not (0+ / 0-)

      just excessive noise.  My poor husband doesn't get to have the radio on in the car, gets to have the teevee on a limited amount of time, I hate music.  Just hate sounds, period.  But I would still NEVER consider it my right to have others be silenced in order to be able to feel the sense of calm and control I can feel only in silence.  I avoid crowds whenever possible.  But when I can't, I get to deal with the noise that exists.  I don't get to quiet everyone else because it stresses and annoys me.  It's up to me to avoid noisy situations, not for others to avoid being noisy.

      Please forgive me for not accepting your "poor me, I had such a rough childhood so now I have an excuse to be an asshold as an adult" excuse.

      "If you trust you are not critical; if you are critical you do not trust" by our own Dauphin

      by gustynpip on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 12:18:43 PM PST

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      •  HRd for comment about my childhood (0+ / 0-)

        you don't know me or what i went through so fuck off

        •  Because I've decided that you have some (0+ / 0-)

          real serious issues, and I have to admit getting an unmerited HR poses virtually no concern to me, I'm not going to report you for your Very inappropriate HR.  It's inappropriate for two reasons:  1.  The rules very expressly prohibit giving HR's when you're one of the parties in a "discussion" or disagreement; and 2. Your excuse for giving one is not one of the accepted reasons for giving HRs.

          So consider this your lucky day.  Giving inappropriate HRs such as this can actually get you banned, so you might want to consider controlling yourself a little better.

          "If you trust you are not critical; if you are critical you do not trust" by our own Dauphin

          by gustynpip on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 12:31:34 PM PST

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          •  i took off the HR (0+ / 0-)

            but it still doesn't excuse your baseless comments about my experiences at home. i don't have any "real serious issues" unless you consider the opinion that people should be mindful of their personal volume a serious issue.

            •  Listen, it's not that I consider your opinion (3+ / 0-)
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              burlydee, MRA NY, a2nite

              that others should be mindful of their volume a problem.  What I've considered a problem is that you appear to have put your desire that others be mindful as being of greater importance than the roughing up of an 82 year old woman, to the point that you've posted comment after comment about it, without having yet grasped how truly inappropriate such a position is or how self centered your attitude is.  

              I get that when you're out and about, you HATE all the noise.  It stresses you.  You focus hard on being the perfect person and you just don't understand why everyone else can't work equally hard at it.  You'd just like the world to be a nice quiet oasis, and you have your ideas of where especially those oasis should be.  

              I saw your comments as being quite callous towards the woman who was manhandled and I let my emotions about that get the better of me.  I do think the fact that you don't seem to be able to identify with the woman at all indicates you do indeed have some issues, and I suspect that means you need some degree of kindness rather than censure.  Therefore, I apologize for irritation and unkind words and will simply hope that you reach the point where you can understand that some peoples' desire for quiet can not take precedence over an old woman's need for some dignity and understanding, even if she happens to be annoying others.

              "If you trust you are not critical; if you are critical you do not trust" by our own Dauphin

              by gustynpip on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 12:59:40 PM PST

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          •  Excuse me (1+ / 0-)
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            You inferred that the poster's childhood experiences made him an "asshold" as an adult. Any HR you get is definitely warranted for a personal attack; and though I haven't posted here lately, I'm going to start anew, and as soon as I've crossed the comment threshold to get my TU status back, I'm coming back here mete one out for your violation of site rules.

            "Hey, wait a minute, there's one guy holding up both puppets!" -Bill Hicks

            by Tismo70 on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 04:04:11 PM PST

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