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View Diary: Bill Clinton, signer of DOMA, says it's 'incompatible with our Constitution' (127 comments)

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  •  Bill Clinton is far greater than most here realize (0+ / 0-)

    Like most of America, unlike most on this website, who understand fully well the true greatness of Bill Clinton, his comprehension of DOMA then and now speaks volumes to his prescience.

    First and foremost, his White House was the first gay friendly White House in United States history, and yes indeed he knew fully well what the implementation of DOMA meant.  He was not then parsing; nor is he now.  His thought processes have ever been light years ahead of nearly anybody else's in whole of the United States, indeed of the greater world.  

    The man is a genius, who voraciously reads and mentally inculcates tomes, much more so than I imagine almost anybody within this site could possibly fathom.

    The problem for those who absolve the current President of his previous clear reservations towards gay rights (you must be reminded of the fact that in the 2008 campaign, then candidate Barack Obama's visits to some gay panels was met with great skepticism by much of the GLBT community--at that time candidate Hillary Clinton among that group fared far better) and continue to flog Bill Clinton over DOMA and DADT is that, to the broader public, you appear just craven, every bit as much ideologues as the worst of the Right Wing.

    Lord knows it is well past time that you get over the 2008 campaign and over your inveterate dislike of all things Bill Clinton.

    In any event, today he the most adored politician on the planet and he do not need the approbation of ideologues from either direction.  He has left the likes of you in the dust a long time ago.  He has survived and triumphed over the worst that anyone could throw at him--and shall surely triumph over your own calumny.

    Bill Clinton's former political rivals appreciate his matchless political prowess and are now his steadfast friends, who join with him in all manner of humanitarian efforts, here and abroad.

    Again, I submit that since you are so spotlessly clean in your moral convictions, you should challenge Bill Clinton to a debate, on any stage and in any setting.

    Let's have at it, you the purists of DAILY KOS!  You, alone, in groups, or however, fully prepared and with all the time you deem necessary.   Bring with you the notes you will need for redress.  Bring with you teams of experts and scholars.  Bring with you all the props and any stagecraft you desire to buttress well your presentation.

    As for Bill Clinton, let us place him in that setting of your choice with NO NOTES, NO PREPARATION TIME, NO PROPS.  Just Bill--alone against you, alone or in groups, on any stage and in any setting, anywhere and at any time.  You take the advantages--however you are disposed to appear extraordinary.

    Yes, you on the Right and the Left, joined together only by your shared passionate hate of William Jefferson Clinton.  The rest of us would pay princely sums to witness such a debate.  

    Because the rest of us already are secure in our belief that Bill Clinton would likely beat the living tar out of all of you.   His political enemies have already spent hundreds of millions to defame him, impeach him, and castigate him.  He has survived it all, and now the political graveyard is littered with his former would-be assassins, of all stripes.

    But please, write to Bill Clinton; demand that he take you on!  You name the terms.  Please, ideologues of all persuasions, let's have that grand debate.  Let's find out just how effective Bill Clinton truly is.  He's been called by many from across the political spectrum the greatest politician of our time--and perhaps of any time.  Now, let's find out, even at 66 years young, whether or not Bill Clinton can take on anybody anywhere--even potent politicos decades his junior.

    Much of the world has been waiting for this.  Bill Clinton takes anything you can throw at him.  If he loses, you name your price.  But if he wins--with the greater world witnessing as judges--all you forfeit is that thereafter you grant to him your respectful silence.

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      Which contains not a word of substantive response. It's just Bill Clinton is smarter than you, over and over again.

      Try again.

      •  You mean that wasn't snark? (nt) (2+ / 0-)
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        CajunBoyLgb, vernonbc
        •  Not Snark... (0+ / 0-)

          It seems more like performance art to me.

          It does handily ignore the undeniable fact that Cliton supported DOMA publicly, it passed with overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate, and he signed it into law.

          And I still maintain: The basic subtext of DOMA is simply this:

          Fuck off and die, LGBTQE people. We don't like you one bit, so just fuck off and die. And for the record, we know that there are concrete actions we could take to defend marriage from the actual forces attacking it-- poverty, male privilege and misogyny, ignorance-- but it's more fun to kick gays in the nads. Cuz teh buttsecks is icky, ewwwwwwww.
          And no one can deny that. NO ONE.

          -8.75,-8.00. 1,138 rights and responsibilities of civil marriage are denied married same-sex couples, and I demand that we get them. RIGHT. NOW.

          by CajunBoyLgb on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 01:04:42 PM PST

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