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    I missed this. Was browsing through the diaries this morning and saw "Robert the Doll"! I saw that episode on the Travel Channel about Robert the Doll. It was so creepy- the way the narrator said "Robert". I couldn't sleep for a couple nights. Clearly, something was projected onto the doll. I can't remember how much they elaborated on what Eugene's father had done to the maid. Was it that he beat or raped the maid's daughter? It was something horrible. So she made the doll for Robert. Anyone in Eugene's family who didn't recognize what the doll was and what the intent was behind the doll was dumb as a brick.
    Florida has some wonderful attractions, but I will never go there because:
    1. Gore's uncounted votes.
    2. Burmese pythons.
    3. Sinkholes
    4. Robert the Doll

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