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View Diary: Facepalm, Wash Post publishes article claiming racism will drive liberal whites to the GOP (133 comments)

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  •  somepeople mistakenly believe that all of Boston's (3+ / 0-)
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    isabelle hayes, alain2112, akeitz

    White's rioted over busing, when it was largerly two lower income neighborhoods, specific neighborhoods.

    and it wasn't ONLYl about racism though A LOT of racist uglyness came out in their anger. I don't think what initiated it was BEING with some Black kids per say.

    I lived through it. The White neighborhoods had better schools. To integrate, White kids would be shipped to WORSE schools far away from home, up to a 45 min drive.

    The parents didn't want their kids going to worse schools in different neighborhoods when their current school was better. They didn't have the progressive "this is what is right" point of view...they though only of their own kids. Which I think many parents would do today if told they'd have to send their kid to a worse school 45 min away.

    My feeling is that if the schools in the White neighborhoods were WORSE and they were being bused to BETTER schools it would have been different. Maybe just grumbling.

    But the being forced unleashed all the just-under-the-surface racist feelings and they came burbling up in an ugly way.

    However, that was 35 years ago, the parents are elderly or dead and the kids are grown. Boston has change a lot for the better, even those White neighborhoods are integrated functionally.

    I am not sure if Boston currently is more racist than many other cities. A friend of mine says it isnt', but a poster above says it is. Don't know when they lived here, though. The only people who really can tell are Black people who've lived in other cities. As  White person with only a few Black friends, all I know is that casual racist talk or any sort of attitude is not acceptable here amongst college educated people. Mind you, most people under 50 in greater Boston are likely college educated.

    •  Well, having lived in Boston AND Chicago (0+ / 0-)

      and Washington DC and New York...and being born and raised in Detroit

      I have never wavered from my opinion that Washington DC was the most racist city that I've lived in, period.

      At least in Chicago, there is a large black middle class.

      •  in your experience where does Boston (0+ / 0-)


        (and how long ago did you live there or do you think all of your experiences are current?
        I had someone tell me something about a town and they hadn' t lived there in forty years, one time.)

        •  sorry this is redundant. I looked at them in the (0+ / 0-)

          wrong order.

          I didn' t get if you lived here 18 months ago or for 18 months.

          I am sorry you had a bad time in this city. I've not seen racism here in the covert way White people see racism in other White people (eye rolls, comments about "those people" stuff like that) in the 20 yrs I"ve lived in Boston (absent five in the middle), and I have in some other places I've lived. I've wondered if that was just an artifact of my own circumstances and circles.

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