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View Diary: Facepalm, Wash Post publishes article claiming racism will drive liberal whites to the GOP (133 comments)

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  •  I think the experimental design was that the (0+ / 0-)

    train routes were chosen so it was not expected that latino's would be on the train - and therefore the appearance of latino's on the train where none were seen before would be a reminder of immigration.

    As for the "in my neighborhood" quip - you're right, coming originally from the UK I mistakenly made a different assumption.

    However - for the purposes of my point it doesn't matter which neighborhood the individuals were perceived to have lived, their novel appearance would be likely to trigger reactions relating to immigration. People in the UK are right now wringing their hands over the prospects of a flood of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants similar to the previous Polish wave, a prospect that may have helped the isolationist UKIP party to a second place showing in a recent by-election. But - to the point I was making there are other indications that UKIP voters do not see themselves as right wing,  which also suggests that Boston liberals concerned about immigration are not going to rush to a party with which they share no other worldview.

    But overall this seems a pretty indefensible study - how it got past any internal review in Harvard is beyond me.

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