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    (1) Forcing a real or in spe state to recognize Israel as "a Jewish state" or even "the Jewish state" is unique.  No other state sets this kind of precondition.  Our independence isn't predicated on recognizing Romania as "a" or "the" Romanian state, for instance.  We recognize Romania -- and Israel as really existing states with all of the rights and responsibilities thereunto, and that's it.

    (2) Forcing this condition on the Palestinians is especially rich, seeing as Israel doesn't recognize a Palestinian state at all, and shows no sign of being willing to do so.

    (3) The nature of the Israeli state is and should continue to be determined by Israelis.  This much said, Israel should either withdraw from the WB and allow the WB and Gaza to function as states, or it should grant citizenship equal to that it grants Israeli Jews to all non-Jews living under its territorial authority.  And it should do so yesterday.

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    by corvo on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 08:21:21 AM PDT

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