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  •  Prof. Levine's questioning Israel as a Jewish (4+ / 0-)
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    state smacks of sophistry.

    He ignores the right of any people, including Jews, to live under a form of government of their choosing and with the right of self-determination. That being said, the immediate riposte  is , "what about the Palestinian Arabs?" They, too, have the right of self-determination and should have it in a second state created out of the former British Mandate.

    Oh, if realpolitik was so simple; actually, it is. What clouds and confuses the issue into a spiraling stalemate are the political interests of other countries including the US , Israel and the surrounding Arab countries. These conflicting agendas have been insurmountable for decades and , tragically, will continue to be so as long as denying a Palestinian state serves the purpose of others.  

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