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View Diary: Our Autistic Son Returns to School Today, and Explosive Article Details Judge's "Scathing Ruling" (83 comments)

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  •  congratulations on your victory; I just hope (29+ / 0-)

    the Powers that Be have learned their lesson and will relent and not try to have any blowback.  Years ago I had to advocate for our daughter who has emotional and mental issues (severe enough for several institutionalizations) whom the school refused to classify as handicapped.  It took the feds threatening to pull all funding from all schools in the district to make the Powers that Be in that situation to relent and come up with some sort of plan to accommodate her educational needs.

    I am gearing up now to defend a granddaughter who is being bullied by a fellow student who has been bullying her by telling her she "stinks" and is "trailer trash".  Her mother has complained to school officials and to teachers but nothing is done despite an anti bullying policy in place.
    The student's mother is a teacher's aid and her father is an EMT so she feels socially superior to my granddaughter.  It appears I will have to go to the school to discover the basis of this POV by the student.  Since it appears race is a factor in this, it could get very messy for the school should they not take appropriate steps  

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