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View Diary: "Y-Chromosomal Adam" possibly farther back in time than thought (237 comments)

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    Mutations can be lost over time, or occur in bunches, that is why it is so difficult to fix dates based on assumed mutation rates.

    In all cases, the implication of the data is "Chromosomal Adam" was not Homo Sapiens, since we do not have evidence for HS prior to 200,000 years ago.

    As for "intermingling" with Neandertals and the like, yep, it happened.  Although we tend to think of our evolution like a straight line, actually for most of our recent prehistory, there were many "species" of humans, with ours happening to be the one that is still around. 200,000 years ago, there were still "archaic" humans in Africa, Asia, and, of course, Neandertals in Europe and western Siberia, so our ancestors "intermingled" with them, with the result being us.

    There is not a person on this planet who does not carry genetic reminders of this "intermingling", which makes the concept of "Chromosomal Adam" kind of moot.

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