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  •  I love America as she could be - (1+ / 0-)
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    One Pissed Off Liberal

    as she sometimes tries to be - as she slowly lurches towards, even when she falls back.  I hate the evils America has done to the peoples and the land and the rest of the world.  I am not so brave as OPOL - I will sign petitions, make periodic phone calls, run for local office (and win, to what little good it does as my vote is outnumbered 2-1), send what little money I have to various campaigns and candidates - try to feel good about myself for doing it even though I know I fall woefully short of the modern Rosa Parks and Susan Anthonys - and Bradley Mannings.  I don't march or place my body in the path of the enemy.  I keep my head down and try not to be noticed in my little bits of "rebellion" - and try to pretend that's not what I'm doing.

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