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  •  Mind your manners? (0+ / 0-)

    She had every reason in the world to be ticked off, for people supporting a rape fugitive as some sort of hero.

    •  You don't know that he's guilty. (0+ / 0-)

      As much as you want to believe you do, you really don't. Of course the government(s) he exposed would never lie. I don't know that he's innocent and you don't know that he's guilty. I do know he exposed great evil by our government and others. I didn't say he was a hero. I said he was a truth teller.

      •  I never said 'he's guilty'. (0+ / 0-)

        I said he's a rape fugitive, which is an undeniable fact.  He is a fugitive from the law, and the crime he's been charged (anklagad) with is rape (plus three other lesser sexual crimes).  We're not talking about "governments lying", we're talking about all of the police officers who examined the case, one and a half of the two prosecutors (the first one wanted to maintain three of the four charges, the other all four), one judge, and two separate courts - the Svea Court of Appeals and the Swedish Supreme Court - ALL of who examined the case (the latter two with Assange's attorney arguing in his defense) and ruled against Assange.

        Do I even need to bother mentioning that Sweden has the world's best ranked Judicial system in terms of fundamental rights according to the peer-reviewed World Justice Project, has one of the most restrictive extradition treaties with the US in the world, and that Assange himself chose Sweden (calling it his "shield") and was applying for a residence permit and moving Wikileaks' base of operations there after alienating most of his team in Iceland.

        The guy is a rape fugitive.  Period.  And it's damned offensive to support a rape fugitive's run from the law.

        And FYI, Julian "My Hair Turned White From Gamma Radiation From My Homemade Nuclear Reactor" D'Assange the Taiwanese Pirate has a mile long history of lying when it comes to his personal life.  And I'm amazed that it took him this long to end up facing sex crimes charges, given his past.  Even what other whistleblowers accuse him of - for example, check out what Heather Brooke, the foremost whistleblower in modern UK history who caused the resignation of dozens of members of parliament, says he said and did to her.  I've got countless more examples for you.  In general he's a scumbag of the highest order - I mean, what kind of egotistical arse do you have to be to blackmail Amnesty International for $700k, threatening to expose the names of workers in Afghanistan who've talked with the embassy if they don't help you?  What kind of hypocrite do you have to be to tell a book publisher you'll write a book for them, take a $750k advance, then once you get it in escrow, declaring "All memoir is prostitution" and refusing to cooperate further - then as soon as the publisher gives up, writing and selling your own book by yourself?   What kind of "truth teller" gloats about making up a fake news website and writing an article supporting them and tricking the media into thinking it was written by one of their opponents?  What kind of misogynist pig do you have to be to count Israel Shamir among your close friends (wait, sorry, the word Assange uses for himself is "chauvinist", not "misogynist")?  I'm sure they've had a nice talk about Assange's writings on his old blog ( about how womens' brains can't do math and how he's a god to women, or perhaps about his child-fathering obsession that several former Wikileaks staffers have talked about (not that most can talk, given the absurdly oppressive NDA Assange makes them sign).  Given Shamir's extensive writings about the ancient female conspiracy to immasculate men and turn them gay to control them, I'd bet he's supportive of what Domscheit-Berg (former Wikileaks #2) says Assange did to his cat.  

        And do I even need to start on how absurd the conspiracy theory being promoted to support Assange not having to stand trial is?

        The guy is no angel.  And there is LOTS of evidence that he did what he's accused of.  And multiple courts agree.  And it's sickening to see millions of people automatically side with the accused and smear the victims as lying sluts just because they like the work the guy has done.  It's the liberal-politics equivalent of the automatic defense of a football star or a favorite actor.

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