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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren blasts Republicans in Cordray hearing (90 comments)

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  •  we in MA voted for quality, it's as simple as that (0+ / 0-)

    After each debate I saw her inch up in the polls as more and more people realized who she was, and compared that favorably to Brown. If you can see the debates with Brown, if you haven't, you'd like them (if they are on youtube).

    The two candidates were even going into the debates. In each debate Warren improved...she was a quick learner. She simply outclassed Brown. She was clearly extremely articulate and intelligent, but also down to earth and sincere. And she was never acting. She spoke passionately about the issues because she really believed them and because enpowering ordinary working people had been her life's work. Just as we see now. She came across as more intelligent and prepared than Brown.

    Elizabeth Warren is articulate and sharp as a whip but NOT distant and snobby. Brown tried to paint her, even in the debates, as an intellectual snob but there she was Being herself, so down to earth and sincere that his efforts fell flat. He tried to go after her personally in the debates and she REFUSED to go personal on him. Even when lead there by the moderator she'd say "what he does personally doesn't's his votes!" See, they had made a very well publicised agreement NOt to go negative. She kept it and he did not. So she exuded integrity. Brown tried to tag her with the "she lied about her Indian heritage" thing. But there she was showing us in action that she had lots of integrity. So saying she lied just did not stick, it did not ring true.

    She also tied him to "Republicans" in general. She said the truth. "the congressonal Republicans have tacked far to the right. Sure Senator Brown sometimes votes against them...but MA needs a Senator who will vote for the people's interest ALL of the time, not some of the time". She tied him to the Republicans. And that  happened to be the TRUTH not a line.

    I am proud of the people of MA for voting for quality. To many, who dont follow politics so had not known her, it was a leap of faith.  I am glad that those of us who worked on her campaign are now vindicated in why we extolled her virtues to voters.I am glad they are now learning that their trust was not misplaced.

    (aside-people think of MA as a Blue state, primarily. That obscures something Else about MA. People here have a big thing about voting for the BEST PERSON not the Party. Especially on non-Presidential pics (or local ones). So many still think of the Senate as a local election only effecting MA residents...because just like everywhere else we have so many people who don't follow the details of national politics, unfortunately. That is why the concern of tipping the Senate to the Republicans with voting Brown in did not have the impact that it should have.
    Elizabeth Warren was the higher quality candidate, fullstop. I think that is why she won here.)

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